Taipei MRT Circular Line


Taipei MRT Sanying Line connects three administrative districts of New Taipei City in series, shortens the commuting time of local people, and meets the needs of sightseeing. Therefore, the design of Sanying Line fully integrates the characteristics of regional cultures, demonstrating the beauty of natural landscapes and urban features.
Engineering Specifications International Standard Tender Unit / Proprietor Design / Supervision Party A
Steel Bridge and Station CNS Department of Rapid Transit Systems New Taipei City Government MAA Group/
CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. Taiwan
RSEA Engineering Corporation
Duration Completion Date Specifications 1 - Weight Specifications 2 - Building Height/Clear Height/Span Specification 3 - Water Head TCT's Work (Note: Awards)
2018/02~2022/05 Under Implementation 44,414 T - - -