Company History


  • 1968    TCT Design Center was incorporated by the founder Mr. Wang, Shy-Yen
  • 1969    TCT was renamed to TCT Engineering Co. ,Ltd for expansion of its business scope
  • 1968    The Tsen-Wen Reservoir Project was completed in collaboration with Kurimoto Japan
  • 1977      To comply with regulatory and business growth, TCT was renamed to TCT Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • 1985      The Minghu Power Project was completed in collaboration with Kurimoto Japan
  • 1988     TCT completed the No.3 Boiler Dust Collection and its related equipment for China Steel Corporation
  • 1989    The Mingtan Power Project was completed in collaboration with Preussag Noell GmbH Germany


  • 1992    Cooperated with Leaya Electric Co.,Ltd. to complete Tung-Hsiao Fossils Power Plant
  • 1993    The New Tienlun Hydro Power Project was completed in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • 1998    The Maan Hydroelectric Power Project was completed
  • 1999    Gangshan Refuse Incineration Plant was completed in collaboration with Takuma Co., Ltd.


  • 2001    The founder Mr. Wang, Shy-Yen passed away while Mrs. Wang-Chien, Yu-Man was appointed as the new President
  • 2001    TCT came to joint venture formation with Kurimoto Ltd. of Japan
  • 2002    Reconstruction Project of National No.3 Highway and Tung Fong Bridge were completed in collaboration with Leader Construction Co., Ltd
  • 2005    TCT was awarded the "Ten Best Potential Corporation" title
  • 2006    Certification of ISO9002-2000 & OHSAS1800
  • 2007    Mr. Wang, Yen Po was appointed as the new President and Mr. Wang, Chen Yu was appointed as the new General Manager
  • 2007    Ventured into the international area by delivering hyro-mechanical equipment projects, incl. Marina Barrage project for Singapore, Taunsa project for Pakistan and UKHP/CEB for Sri Lanka
  • 2007    Complete the longest steel bridge (2.2km) in Taiwan, Hsin-Da Jetty Bridge, with Taisei Corporation
  • 2008   Won American Academy of Environmental Engineers for Singapore Marina Barrage desalination system
  • 2008    Completed National highway No.6 Guoxing viaduct (clear height 90 meters) with Kajima Corporation and Yokogawa Techno-information Service Inc.
  • 2009    Completed the first BOT hydro power station in Taiwan, the Min-Chien power plant


  • 2010    The steel structure and equipment divisions of Kurimoto Group merged with the counterpart divisions of IHI Corporation and established a wholly-owned subsidiary IHI Infrastructure System - IIS;
                      meanwhile TCT also officially became an IIS reinvestment affiliate
  • 2011    Completed the construction of Heri Bihai Power Plant, and won the 11th Public Project Quality Gold Award
  • 2012    Completed Shimen Reservoir anti-siltation project and built the largest high-pressure and jet flow gate in Asia, winning Public Project Quality Award
  • 2013    Won the 10th National Brand Yushan Award of Republic of China National Enterprise Competitiveness Development Association [Outstanding Enterprise]
  • 2014    Completed the turnkey project for the national highway ETC system
  • 2015    Completed the circulating water cooling system of Tongxiao Power Plant, winning the 9th Public Construction Safety Golden Award
  • 2015     Completed TCT's first environmental protection turnkey project: the sewage treatment plant in Yilan Lize Industrial Zone
  • 2016    Won the 16th Public Construction Golden Quality Award and the 10th & 11th Public Construction Safety Golden Awards for Hushan Reservoir, National Freeway No.3 Interchange, Taipei Zhongxiao Bridge and other projects
  • 2017    Completed TCT's first large-scale special steel structure building project: Wuri Lin Shin Hospital
  • 2018    Won the 18th Public Construction Golden Quality Awards and the 12th Public Construction Safety Golden Award for Taipower Building, Minxiong Land Bridge, National Fourth Shengang System and other projects
  • 2018    Cooperated with Doosan Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industrie, and U.S. GE to complete the combined-cycle waste heat recovery system in Tongxiao Power Plant
  • 2019    Cooperated with RSEA Engineering Corporation to complete the construction of the China Airlines hangar with a innovative construction method: single-lift
  • 2019    Cooperated with Continental Engineering Corp. to complete Taichung MRT basic steel structure


  • 2020     Won the 14th Excellent Project Gold Award for the second water pipe project of Hushan Reservoir  
  • 2021    Cooperated with the shareholder IHI to complete the first major overseas project: Mumbai Trans Harbour Link
  • 2021    Hkssteel Technology corp (2031.TW) and Century Iron and Steel (9958.TW) participated in TCT's capital increase and share expansion, opening a new era of industry alliances
  • 2021    Obtained ISO3834 international certification
  • 2022  Built underwater offshore wind power infrastructure, taking part in the global green energy supply chain