With just mind; with mastered skill: ground-breaking from the base.

Established in 1968, TCT have implemented her core value - masterwork spirit – ever since to make the better best. As “with six-decade hardship wins ever-lasting recognition”, the employees bears “masterwork spirit” in mind and aspires to become construction gurus, continuously sharpening their techniques to overcome numerous constructional difficulties and eventually perfectly present “masterpiece”. To inherit the legacy of “masterwork spirit” from the founder - Wang Xiyin, TCT is ready for innovation on the basis of steel structure and water resource facilities to practice eco-friendly construction. Therefore, TCT lists few principles:

Cooperation and mutual supports internally and externally mark one of TCT highlighted values – teamwork, through which TCT exerts integral strength and upgrade overall capacity.
Courage empowers TCT to brave new challenges and advances notions. With waves after waves of crossover industrial value chain, TCT humbly faces her limits and emulates the success of global leading companies, in pursuit of operational and technical breakthroughs to amass the dynamics of entering new industries.
Trustworthy symbolises TCT’s realisation that national infrastructure is built to last. Holding considerate mind-set for next generations and careful attitude to warranted qualities, TCT continues to win clients’ trust.



Master Mind:Employee & Cohesion First

• Healthy working environment
         • Training, promotion and bonus

         • Culture of “proud as a TCTer”

Master Piece:Care for Clients & Society

• Safety and high-quality
  • Professional techniques
 • Long-term prosperity