Overseas Projects

Singapore Marina Barrage - Slide Gate


Awarded by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, Singapore Marina Barrage has the functions of flood control, water storage and power generation, which won the reputation of top ten innovative projects in the world.
Engineering Specifications International Standard Tender Unit / Proprietor Design / Supervision Party A
Design of multi-slide gates CNS、ANISI、ASTM、AWS、AISC、JIS Gate Penstock Technical Criteria、 Darn and Weir Inspection Standards Ministry of National Development, Singapore - Kurimoto, Ltd.
Duration Completion Date Specifications 1 - Weight Specifications 2 - Building Height/Clear Height/Span Specification 3 - Water Head TCT's Work (Note: Awards)
2005/10~2007/04 2007/04 Gate weight:1000ton - - 1.Overflow gate project (W29.75m x H5.0m)
2. Water baffle (W3.7m~3.9m×H2.5m)
3.Shutter plate for the pumping station (W6.0m×H1.5m/group)