Hushan Reservoir - No.2 Water Pipe Project


Hushan Reservoir - No.2 water pipe project
Engineering Specifications International Standard Tender Unit / Proprietor Design / Supervision Party A
Tunnel steel pipe project CNS、AISC、ASTM、ANSI、ASME、AWS、EN、BS、DIN、JIS、Technical Standards for Gate and Penstock、JSSC、Dam and Weir Technical Standards、Dam and Weir Inspection Essentials Water Resources Agency, MOEA Liming Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd./
Water Resources Agency, MOEA
Water Resources Agency, MOEA
Duration Completion Date Specifications 1 - Weight Specifications 2 - Building Height/Clear Height/Span Specification 3 - Water Head TCT's Work (Note: Awards)
2018/10~2021/01 2021/01 Gate valve equipment:176.367 ton
Steel pipe (lining):2086.099 ton
- 64.74m(including water hammer & water head) 1.Water conveyance project
2.Connecting pipeline engineering
3.Hydraulic engineering
4.Electrical equipment
5.The 14th Excellent Project Gold Award