Shimen Reservoir - Jet Flow Gate


Shimen Reservoir - Dam Power Generation/Sand Discharge
Engineering Specifications International Standard Tender Unit / Proprietor Design / Supervision Party A
Jet Flow Technology CNS、ANISI、ASTM、AWS、AISC、JIS Gate Penstock Technical Criteria Darn and Weir Inspection Standards Water Resources Agency, MOEA Juting Consulting Engineering Co., Ltd./
Water Resources Agency, MOEA
Water Resources Agency, MOEA
Duration Completion Date Specifications 1 - Weight Specifications 2 - Building Height/Clear Height/Span Specification 3 - Water Head TCT's Work (Note: Awards)
2009/11~2012/12 2012/12 Steel Pipe:450 ton
High-pressure Sliding Gate:121.6ton
Jet Flow Gate:113.6 ton
- 14.00kg/cm2 (including water hammer & water head) 1. Sand discharge steel pipe, inner diameter 3600mmψ
2. Two sets of High pressure slide gates
3. Two sets of Jet flow gates
4. One branch pipe and one 4500mm×3600mmψ shrinking pipe
5.One emergency generator set, including 1 diesel engine generator set,200kW,(3∮,4W380/220V,60HZ,rated rotation(PRIME TYPE)
6.Electrical equipment engineering: One set of "MOF" Panel (including transformer)(Note:2011 Public Projects Quality Award, the 11th Public Projects Gold Award)