In the trend of pursuing sustainability, bearing the original intention in mind, TCT embraces the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and gives birth to "TCT School of Excellence", which aims to promote leading technology in line with international standards. By supporting strategic partners who shares same concept of environmental sustainability, such as Greenway Environmental Technology, AGRE Tech and other companies, TCT and its partners work together to play a positive role in helping the society.

*TCT School of Excellence
With the vision of sustainability and innovation, TCT establishes "TCT School of Excellence" in the campus of Tunghai University to encourage non-stop learning and promotion of leading technologies in line with international standards. In older times, "excellence" is an honorary title given to professionals who craves for supremacy; while "school" refers to a place where masters lecture on apprentices for the purpose of legacy inheritance and professional attitude.

*Greenway Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
TCT supports Greenway Environmental Technology's new plant in Taoyuan to reuse sludge treatment for circular economy.
Media Reports:Groundbreaking of a new plant in Greenway Environmental Technology new plant in Taoyuan which uses sludge to generate electricity
                   Taoyuan Environmental Science Plant breaks ground to treat sludge for circular economy

*AGRE Tech Co. Ltd.
TCT fulfills CSR for environmental sustainability and responds to the renewable energy policy; however, considering the intermittent power supply of renewable energy, an integrator who maintains stable power is a must. Accordingly, TCT supports AGRE Tech whose mission is to provide power solutions. The main service is to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply when Taipower performs power dispatch with various assisting services widely promoted in Europe and the United States. In order to stand out in the electrical industry market, the base of AGRE Tech's shareholder is diversified with extensive experience in power, engineering, finance, and marketing. In addition, AGRE Tech schedules to strategically cooperate with tech-leading companies in renewable energy, energy storage, power management systems, etc. Through  cutting-edge techniques and  proficiency in electic industry and regulations,  AGRE Tech is prepared to provide the best A-Z services.