The improvement project of water delivery for Wusanto Reservoir


As the main irrigation water source for Jianan Plain, Wushantou Reservoir also supplies water for civilian and industrial purposes. However, the water supply pipes of the reservoir were too old to function. As a result, a transformation of Wushantou Reservoir is necessary.
Engineering Specifications International Standard Tender Unit / Proprietor Design / Supervision Party A
Hydraulic Engineering CNS Chianan Management Office, Irrigation Agency GT Internationl Chianan Management Office, Irrigation Agency
Duration Completion Date Specifications 1 - Weight Specifications 2 - Building Height/Clear Height/Span Specification 3 - Water Head TCT's Work (Note: Awards)
97/1/2~97/12/11 97/12/11 - - - 2 sets of shut-off valves, 2 sets of gear reducers, electrical equipment and other engineering